Family practice is all about creating a medical home where patients of all ages can receive the care they need in one location. At Woodlands Primary Healthcare, Javier Sosa, MD, offers many types of in-office procedures so you can avoid the emergency room and get skilled medical care from a physician offering personalized attention and customized treatment. If you need an in-office procedure, and especially if you need immediate care, call the office in The Woodlands, Texas, for an appointment.

Procedures Q & A

What are in-office procedures?

An in-office procedure includes any type of treatment you receive in the doctor’s office. In many cases, however, these procedures require more invasive techniques such as injections, removing tissue, and tissue repair using sutures.
With vast experience working in hospital emergency rooms, we are fully qualified and skilled at performing many types of in-office procedures.

What specialized procedures might I receive?

These are a few examples of specialized procedures available at Woodlands Primary Healthcare:

Joint injections

If you suffer a joint injury or you have arthritis, an injection can help reduce the swelling, relieve the pain, and improve your mobility. Joint injections typically contain a local anesthetic, corticosteroids, or both. The anesthetic delivers immediate pain relief, while corticosteroids are powerful anti-inflammatory medications.

Skin biopsy

We performs skin biopsies to diagnose and treat a variety of skin conditions, including:

  • Skin cancers
  • Skin infections
  • Skin tags
  • Suspicious moles and growths
  • Blistering skin disorders
  • Dermatitis and other inflammatory conditions

New skin conditions or changes in existing moles and other spots on your skin should be evaluated to be sure they’re not precancerous or cancerous.


Men who are certain they don’t want to have more children can have a safe and simple vasectomy in the office. Vasectomies are easily performed by cutting the vas deferens tubes that transport sperm, then closing off the two ends.

Ear lobe repair

Ear lobes are easily torn and stretched, often due to wearing heavy earrings or when an earring is accidentally pulled from the lobe. We have restored many damaged ear lobes, repairing the damage while maintaining the lobe’s appearance.

Ingrown toenail removal

Ingrown toenails usually affect the big toe, developing when the corner of the nail grows into the skin. We can relieve the pain and treat the problem by lifting or removing the nail.

Can I have wounds repaired in the office?

For most types of wounds, you can avoid spending time in the emergency room and receive expert laceration repair instead. First, we carefully examine your wound for signs of infection or foreign objects and to determine if any nerves, tendons, blood vessels, bones, or muscles are damaged.
We clean away dirt and damaged tissues, using a topical anesthetic if it’s needed to ensure your comfort. Then we closes the wound, using sutures or specialized adhesive strips.
If you have questions about the in-office procedures available at Woodlands Primary Healthcare, call the office or schedule an appointment online.